Mark Arens:


Mark Arens became a first time dad at age 47, and what a change being Daddy made! From a free-wheeling, rock-climbing, workaholic businessman who virtually never cried, Mark was transformed into a man who loves others with a fatherly love of joy, tears and wanting the very best for all people.

Mark’s burning desire is to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give, and to help others to discover and live in that same abundance. This is the foundation and essence of his life as a husband, father of two, author, speaker and child of God.

Mark believes that to live a truly abundant life, we must first understand our core desires and goals. We also need to understand – to the core of our being – that we are God’s children whom he loves with a deep incredible love.

As a highly successful businessman, Mark has helped thousands of people achieve higher levels of abundance. He says, “When you are looking at the most beautiful sunset in the world, there is only one thing that can possibly make it better, and that is sharing it with someone else.” It is through the eyes of abundance, that Mark helps people to see higher potential in their relationships, their work and everyday lives.

Mark Arens Resume:

Professional Accomplishments:

  1. Lifetime President’s Club Agent (ranking as one of the top 50 State Farm agents in sales in the United States for 5 years in a row)
  2. Silver Scroll Award winner (profitable State Farm agency for at least ten years in a row)
  3. Built an agency of more than 10,000 renewing policies in less than ten years from scratch
  4. Helped build a President’s Club Network Marketing Business for EcoQuest International with his wife, Julie.
  5. Helped build a President’s Club Network Marketing Business with a downline of over 15,000 customers and a volume exceeding $250,000/month for Eniva Nutraceuticals with his wife, Julie.
  6. Mark’s businesses have generated over $125,000,000 in sales over the last 20 years.

Published Books and CD’s:

  1. “Finding God’s Love in your Thumbprint” – Bedtime children’s picture book designed to help children discover and experience God’s Love. See a book preview and list of endorsements here
  2. “God’s Words of Blessings For You” and “God’s Words of Blessings for Your Children” CD’s. This “soaking music” features soft and soothing music overlaid with God’s spoken words of blessings. Listen to samples here
  3. “I’m Thumbuddy” kids music CD featuring uplifting fun music with positive words and recognizable melodies re-written from classic kids songs. Listen to samples here
  4. “Walkaway” – Insurance fraud, suspense and adventure novel. This novel has been endorsed by two New York Times Best Selling Authors. Read the prologue here
  5. “Pharmaceuticals, Duct Tape and You” – 45 minute CD designed to help people understand the dangers of prescription drugs, and to help them understand the Nutraceutical alternatives. Sold over 20,000 CD’s.
  6. Seven children’s books with the original “Thumbuddy” character. These books are designed to help children know they are precious and set apart – just like their thumb. To learn more about these books, contact Mark@MarkArens.com

Personal Accomplishments

  1. Mark is an instrument rated, single engine airplane pilot
  2. He has rock-climbed dozens of world class peaks throughout the western United States
  3. He has hiked nearly every trail in the Canadian Rockies
  4. Mark was captain of the Eden Prairie High School hockey team
  5. He spent 2½ years in the seminary and graduated summa-cum-laud from St. Thomas college with a theology degree
  6. Mark has hang-glided from the mountains in British Columbia, has scuba dived around the world, and loves to mountain bike, and do anything quiet in the outdoors.
  7. He is a skilled craftsman who can build almost anything from wood
  8. He enjoys driving his Bobcat and doing work on a vacant lot because “it feels like I’m riding on a horse” and he likes seeing the results of his work.
  9. Mark loves being a husband and Daddy. He has been married to Julie since 2003 and they have two fantastic kids ages 4 and 6.
  10. Most of all, Mark loves spending time soaking and resting with God in daily prayer

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